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This is for me, not you.

relapsed like fuck i need to take a break 

Tuesday September 2nd tagged under: \lol!!!,
these are still fun to make 

these are still fun to make 

Tuesday September 2nd

so many methods of birth control I don’t know if I want it at all 

Tuesday September 2nd


"Can I see you?" is my favorite question

Monday September 1st


Monday September 1st tagged under: ✿,

*bangs fall in my face*

*sweeps them back up*

*tucks hair behind ear and bats lashes* 

Monday September 1st

Stay out my personal life. Mind your own damn business

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Sunday August 31st


The concept of “Proper English” is prescriptivist, racist, ethnocentric, classist and ableist as shit

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Sunday August 31st

I want more silky things to wear 

Saturday August 30th


Soil press sheet.

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